Monday, October 24, 2011

Bunny Elf Chain Letter (*evil laugh*)

Me: I will die if I stop reading? Good, I just need to read it until the End so I DON'T DIE
Chain: So there was this bunny named elf and he had an owner named Benny and benny loved the rabbit. 1 day the rabbit and benny was taking for a walk and then they ran in 2 a girl who also Wlaked with her bunny and it’s name was Cammie.
Me: How do you suppose I will believe that piece of crap? "Wlaked" is not even a freakin' word!!
Chain: Her name was beth. beth and benny went 2 starting dating
 Me: Oh Really? Go on..
Chain: and 1 day they were having unprotected sex and weren’t watching their bunnies like good pet owners should be. then the rabbits both ate hand grenades and exploded. then their exploded bunny parts were buried but the bunny parts turned into smaller bunny babies and clawed their way form the ground and attacked people who have unprotected sex.
Me: So you're saying that baby bunnies can attack? and what if people are having unprotected sex but they are married? So instead of having a baby all they get is an attack from baby bunnies?? This Chain is messup up... 
Chain: if you don’t pass this along 2 12,000 people, bunnies will bite your penis off and they will bite your vagina off 2 and then they’ll eat ur eye balls until they can drink ur eye socket blood. i broke this chain letter and now i’m died.
Me: *dead
Chain: I misspelled dead wrong 
Me: Hey! Guess what!
Chain: What?
Me: I'm behind you! Look behind you!

*kills the chain letter*
Me: I killed.....The....CHAIN LETTER!!  *evil laugh*

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  1. Haha I hate chain letters too they even spell words wrong and have wrong grammar *haha*